Welcome to my house

   Ron as Count Dracula with James Moye as Jonathan Harker

"What is this man?  What is he like? What will he be?"

The answers to his questions will slowly be revealed as Jonathan Harker has his first meeting with the mysterious Count Dracula. 

Dracula and Harker meet
Photo by Paul Lyden

"We will shall instruct each other, my friend.  There will be time, time for both of us to learn."

If only Harker could know the lessons that he was about to learn...


Dracula sees the photos of Harker's fiancée, Mina, and her good friend, Lucy Westenra.

Dracula is immediately taken with Lucy's picture.
             Photo by Paul Lyden

"What light is in her eyes..."

Dracula is immediately smitten with Lucy and it is clear that he will do whatever it is necessary to possess her.

Dracula sees the picture of Mina and Lucy
Photo by Paul Lyden

"For such a one as this Miss Lucy, a man would gladly give his immortal soul."



Dracula recounts his life:  

  Ron as Dracula with James Moye as Jonathan performing "Dreams of Darkness"


Dracula:  walked a world of darkness
Photo by Paul Lyden

Dracula:  the face of darkness
Photo by Paul Lyden

Dracula: sound of darkness
Photo by Paul Lyden

"I have walked a world of darkness all the evenings of my life.  Shared the twilight as my mistress, claimed the midnight as my wife.  I have spent my time in shadow, stayed sequestered from the sun and my spirit sleeps until the day is done."

"For the dreams of darkness are the only dreams I know, and the face of darkness is the only face I show.  Oh, the sound of darkness is a thousand silent screams, but the deepest part of darkness is the dreams."


Dracula:  I carry inside me the spirit of the huns
Photo by Paul Lyden

Dracula and Harker:  Those warlike days are gone.
Photo by Paul Lyden

Dracula:  Dreams of darkness never die
Photo by Paul Lyden

"I carry inside me the spirit of the Huns, whose vengeful fury  swept the land like a living flame."

Dracula speaks of the past...of the violence of his ancestors.  But he assures Harker that it is indeed all in the past.  Yet Harker is uneasy, despite Dracula's assurances.  He has good reason to be...

"When you step inside the darkness, you will soon forget the light, for you cease to mourn the mornings once you celebrate the night.  And a new illumination will possess your very soul, as you feel the power of darkness take control."

"And the Prince of Darkness will appear and tell you why.  All the dreams of darkness never ever die."


Harker is aroused:  

 James Moye as Harker performing "The Demon Brides"

Harker's sleep is anything but peaceful.  The demon brides descend to his bed to seduce and possess him. 

"Oh, they drift in my sight as they float far above me.  And I want them to stay and I need them to love me."

Harker and the demon brides.
Photo by Paul Lyden

Dracula arrives to claim Jonathan for his own.  But Dracula sees the cross and turns away in anger at having been thwarted and leaves him in a stupor.

 "What has happened to me?  Have I been dreaming?"



Dracula and Lucy become one:  

 Ron as Dracula with Coleen Sexton as Lucy Westenra performing "If You Love Me Now"


Photo by Paul Lyden

"You and I are lovers, although we've never met.  With so much to remember and nothing to forget."

"I recall a moment, a moment yet to be: see our arms entwining, moonlight coldly shining down on you and me."

Dracula and Lucy meet for the first time.
Photo by Paul Lyden

"If you love me now, love me without fear, anywhere you go, I will have you near.  Have you in my heart, hold you in my mind.  Leave all other loves half a world behind." 

Dracula seduces Lucy.
Photo by Paul Lyden

" Everything I do, everything I vow.  It will all come true.  If you love me now."

Photo by Paul Lyden

"The rose in your hand is beautiful, but to know its beauty you  must possess it."

"Do not be afraid of the thorns.  They are but a doorway of pain to a universe of pleasure.  Let it begin..."

Dracula and Lucy:  a doorway of pain to a universe of pleasure.
Photo by Paul Lyden

"First the pressure, a moment of exquisite agony, and then... it is all over.  The pain is past, the pleasure is to come... "

Dracula and Lucy:  exquisite agony
Photo by Paul Lyden

"And look...a drop of blood to seal the bargain... And now my dearest Lucy, we are one... "

Photo by Paul Lyden

"You must face the future, I will show you how." 

"Yes we could live forever, if you love me now."

Dracula and Lucy:  the kiss
Photo by Paul Lyden


Renfield does his master's bidding:

 Eddie Korbich as R.M. Renfield performing "The Spider and the Fly"

"Won't you step into my parlor? said the spider to the fly.  You should come a little closer, it's the time to say goodbye."

Renfield: the spider and the fly
 Photo by Paul Lyden

"It is the master!  He is here, now.  Can you not feel his presence?... and he will reward me, for I have been faithful... I have guided him here... right to Miss Lucy."


Lucy is drawn back to Dracula:  

  Ron as Dracula with Coleen Sexton as Lucy performing "Let the Night Begin"


Photo by Paul Lyden

Van Helsing's intervention fails.  Dracula's power is too strong.   Lucy tears off her cross and returns to Dracula, her master. 

"My heart feels whole again as day grows dim, and my sweet soul again , I give to him."

"So let desire drive all sorrow from my skin, then let my master thrive and let the night begin."
Dracula takes Lucy again
            Photo by Paul Lyden


Van Helsing tells the horror:  

  Robert Jensen as Van Helsing performing "The Undead" with Robert Hunt as Jack Seward 

Van Helsing explains that Lucy is one of the Undead and unless they drive a stake through her heart, she will never be at peace. 

"But if we do not try to stop him now, then the gates of heaven will be shut to us for all eternity."
VanHelsing: tells of the undead.
                    Photo by Paul Lyden
"They run from the sunlight, seek shadow instead.  The nightmare eternal.  They are the Undead. 


Dracula swears revenge:  

   Ron as Dracula performing "The Last Light of the Sun" with Courtney Mazza as a Demon Bride 

Dracula cries out in agony as Harker drives a stake through Lucy's heart.  As she dies, he swears revenge.

Dracula:  swears revenge after Lucy's death.
Photo by Paul Lyden

"You have destroyed my love, Harker.  Now, I must destroy yours... I will make your beloved Mina my bride and there is nothing you can do to stop me.  Nothing!"

"The last light of the sun will make it so..."


Dracula laments to Mina: 

 Ron as Dracula with Glory Crampton as Mina Murray performing "The Blood is the Life"

"I am the one you have feared.  I am the one you have waited for.  Why do you not look into my eyes?"

Mina steels herself against  Dracula's obvious advances.  Yet she is unprepared, for he convinces her that she has the power.  The power to save his soul. 

Dracula: tells his story
Photo by Paul Lyden

"But you must love me, for without death there can be no love.  Without love there can be no redemption.  And without redemption I shall be damned for all eternity.  Damned for the sins of one night."

Dracula and Mina:
Photo by Paul Lyden

"It started on an evening I always will remember:  two eyes that promised passion, two lips that spoke of joy.  I would not have believed it if the universe had warned me, that passion would prove poison, those lips my life destroy."

Dracula and Mina:  a story of passion
Photo by Paul Lyden

"I wanted every moment, I needed every feeling; the shimmering sensation, the rapturous delight."

Dracula wins over Mina
Photo by Paul Lyden

"The kisses would consume me, the touch would soon transform me from a man who sought the sunlight to a creature of the night."
Dracula: the blood is the life
            Photo by Paul Lyden
"Yes the blood is the life flowing freely through my veins, but it takes as it give until emptiness remains... And the blood, oh the blood, is to blame."

"It is truly diabolic how desire can be so deadly, and the one caress that kills you is the one caress you crave.  For the arms that wrap around you, turn to tentacles of torment, and the bed of blazing passion can become a waiting grave."
Dracula:  offers Mina a taste of his blood
            Photo by Paul Lyden


The end is near for Dracula:  

 Ron as Dracula performing "Time"

Dracula:  So you think you have won?
Photo by Paul Lyden                 
Van Helsing, Harker and Seward have cornered Dracula and still he mocks them and drives them back with his power. 

But as he nears his coffin, he realizes it has been sanctified and he has no safe place as the dawn approaches. 
Dracula:  Nothing left but time
                     Photo by Paul Lyden
"Death, we too must finally meet, I look into your eyes and see my destiny.  This is all that I have left.  There's nothing left but time for me."




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